Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hearthstone Grille (Sawridge)

I just want to point something out. I started this blog because I made a comment about the food I ate one day on twitter. I was complaining about the buffet I had at the Hearthstone Grille and I had someone people say it was good and others not so much but mostly I heard people telling me to write a blog about my food experiences. I hummed and hawed for about 20 minutes and then made one. So because of my poor experience at the Hearthstone Grille this blog now exists.. So thank you?

The Hearthstone Grille is located in the Sawridge hotel up in Gregoire. The setting is a really opened area for dining which is really nice. The decor is subtle and not overwhelming. One thing I must say though is it takes away from an intimate feeling you might be looking for when you go out for a meal. I flew solo today so that wasn't that big of a deal.

I was greeted as soon as I walked in and was seated right away. As I was sitting down my drink order was placed. I was handed my drink but no menu. 1 minute passes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes.. It wasn't until 10 minutes of me sitting there did someone come up to me and ask if I was getting the buffet or would I like a menu. You would think that if I wanted the buffet I would have already helped myself.. but I guess they should ask just in case I was too shy to go out without being asked what I wanted to do first.

Going through their lunch menu I decided to go with the Grilled Chicken and Brie Panini Sandwich:

You can already tell that the bread used in the sandwich is dry. It's cracked. It seemed like it was old bread or that it was over cooked in the panini press. Not only that but the only flavour from the sandwich came from the amazing brie. You can't go wrong with brie. The portabella mushrooms were good too. The chicken wasn't seasoned and it was extremely dry. With the combination of dry bread and dry chicken this wasn't the easiest sandwich I've ever eaten. The sweet potato fries were decent but didn't save the meal.

While they were slow to give me the menu, they were quick with the bill. That sandwich was $15.00 and with my drink and taxes it was like 18 something. I didn't have any change so I gave her a 6 dollar tip. I regret this. I'm all about tipping for good food and good service but when it's bad on both ends of the dining experience how does one tip? I'm too kind hearted in nature to not tip.

So in conclusion, this is the 2nd time in 3 months I've eaten at the Hearthstone Grille and it's the 2nd time I was not enthused about what was presented to me and what I ate. Do not go to the Sawridge, it's not worth all you can eat cupcakes.


  1. I ate there on New Year's Eve, and much to everyone's annoyance, I always 'customize' everything I order. While we all opted out of the buffet, I ordered angel hair pasta with cajun chicken and julienne peppers & onions (I omitted the sauteed garlic - while I love garlic, I hate chunks of it in my food) It really was fabulous, even though the chicken wasn't spicy enough.
    My biggest pet peeve is their dessert menu (or lack of) - about 6 items, that were way to small and way too over priced. I'm a complete dessert fanatic, so that was really disappointing. Our waiter was so friendly, however, we didn't see much of him, and I'm assuming he was stressed from the fact that it was New Years Eve and he had to work....
    I was just talking about this place to my brother yesterday and he said they make the best fish & chips he's ever had, so I'm going to check that out next time.

  2. Its a shame that you have not given this place a real chance to impress you as it seems you do tend to blog mostly about lunch items, like soups and sandwiches...when most restaurants in town are known for way more then "poutine's" and "clubhouses". Why not sample dinner items, like steaks...walleye...butter chicken??
    I go to the Hearthstone Grille for Dinner and find it absolutely amazing. Their butter chicken is just incredible, and their steaks?? I am drooling just thinking about it, the fact that they make their own onion rings and their demi glace (which takes an incredible amount of care to make properly) and hollandaise all from scratch is just amazing, they taste so delicious!
    One of my favorite dishes there, would have to be the double pork chop. You definitely receive more bang for your buck with this dish as they put not one, but TWO HUGE succulent pork chops on your plate along with starch and veg. What sets this place apart from any other restaurant in town, in my opinion, would have to be the starch and veg of the day. Every time you eat there, there is a different starch (could be herb and goat cheese mash, potato pave or a different flavored risotto) and a different veg (like ratatouille or white asparagus with tomato beurre blanc) Where else would you find something like that in this town? I have been to all restaurants in town, and nothing compares.
    They have different soup every day which also is made from scratch, and is fantastic. To my knowledge, nothing on this menu is a brought in product, and that makes this my favorite restaurant in town!
    The dessert menu has 7 different items on it for supper service, I have tried them all and after a big meal I am glad the portions are not huge, they are the perfect size to me as i dont want to over stuff myself and have someone need to roll me out of the restaurant! The Deep Fried Ice Cream Banana Split is huge, and I do recommend having someone share that item with you unless you havent eaten anything else but!
    Overall, this restaurant has never given me a bad experience! And hopefully your blog does not turn people away from the only real comforting dinner you can get in this town.
    And to Darlene, I hope you do try the fish and it is sooo good. They make their own beer batter, and hand cut the fries for it. And for a fun little twist, they put a grilled lemon on the side, which imparts an amazing flavor on the lemon! Definitely recommend!!

  3. I am keen to give hearthestone grille another chance and it wasn't just the food I had an issue with. Waiting around for 10 minutes to be asked if I want the buffet or a menu. Tell me where this is acceptable. I have had eaten off of their dinner menu and I've had good experiences from it but I blogged about my current experience that I had. With such a passionate comment this place and an inside out knowledge of the menu you are either an extremely dedicated patron or someone that works there. Either way I am cool with that and I will be doing dinner at the hearthestone in the near future. I will do a second blog about this place. What would you recommend I try?