Thursday, 9 February 2012

Atmosfere Feb 9 2012

Today for lunch @daveenwood and I were going to go to Ms. B's. We even had a discussion about how much it makes no sense for a "Newfie" restaurant wouldn't sell toutants. it's not rocket sciene m'son. ANYWAYS, the place has the worst parking ever. Actually, all of Fort McMurray has the worst parking ever. We couldn't find a spot so we drove around and parked on the side of the road, right in front of Atmosfere. This place is located by the bingo hall, longshots, Ms. B's and Tavern on Main. We've heard things about this place, mostly about the 3 course dinner and how expensive the place was. We had to check it out for ourselves:

I must admit, it looks pretty classy going in. Dave and I were by far the most under dressed patrons. Most of the people here were in suits and dressy clothes. Dave was rocking his Nightmare before Christmas shirt and I was in my typical get up; vest toque and a beard.

This place looks great inside, the seating is elegant the decor matches the mood. It all works. I was checking out the menu though and saw something that threw me for a loop. I actually laughed out loud about this:
The biggest couple in the world of teen fluff vampire series at the top. When we were paying I asked what was up with that and I was told that the person who designed the menu had no idea who they were and thought that it was just a couple of models. 

For starters we got the vegetable samosas and the bruschetta. I must say that not only did these taste extremely delightful but the presentation was perfect too:

For our meals Dave went with the blackened chicken panino with fries and I went with the  Capocollo ham panino. I'm not a fan of Capocollo but I wanted to try it again. I'm not happy I went with it. I can't say I won't recommend it because I'm generally not a fan of the meat so anyone who likes the meat I'm sure would love it. It was a beautiful looking panino though:

The Caesar salad was great they used actual back and it complimented the salad quite nicely. 
With desert the bill came to about 70 dollars. that's 2 3 course meals. That's not bad at all and the dinner menu offers some great options for the 3 course meals but they also offer separate things on their menu if you don't want to go with the 3 course meal. I highly recommend Atmosfere and I am certain that I will be going there sometime in the near future. 

Also it's nice to see another restaurant catering to a more sophisticated envirnoment. It's not just the keg folks.


  1. If your not newfie then your attempt at being newfie is horrible and if you are newfie then its still bad. Although if your not newfie then I have to say your attempt at newfie came off as a little disrespectful at least to this newfie. Also it toutons not toutants.

  2. Holy crap - people need to lighten up - and the word 'newfie' is derogatory. It irks me the same way people insultingly characterize middle easterners or african american people. And before you get too bent out of shape, Kelly - I'm a Newfoundlander.

    Anyway.....I've eaten here quite a few times - the service is second to none in this town, and it's well worth what you pay for. The chef even came to our table and introduced himself. I, like you, was totally underdressed for this place, as we had no idea that Tio Mario had closed down (which had been my previous favorite) - we were welcomed like celebrities, and treated like royalty, which it something that a person does not get accustomed to in this town.
    The last time I ate there (June 2010), I ended up in the hospital the next day with blood poisoning....No, the two weren't related, but it kind of cured me of the place, sadly...
    Food? Wicked awesome - excellent quality and I'm convinced it's the only place in this city where you can get homemade pasta.

  3. I will have to try this place again, my husband and I went there for his birthday and it was awful. Very undercooked ravioli for me and the wrong meal for him. Their pop was flat so I was told someone was going to run to the store to get some cans. When he returned he gave me the wrong kind. Also, there was a waitress getting fired and she decided to make a crying scene right beside our table.