Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Frontier Dining - November 16th

I get an hour long lunch break. Now I know some of you are dying to have an hour long lunch break, or some already have them and like them. Me personally? I hate them. If I bring a lunch, I am done eating within 20 minutes and then I have 40 minutes to kill. My work place doesn't have a lunch room or anywhere to really go and relax. So I have to go out for lunches.

Today I went to: Frontier Dining!
Yes, this is the place that is a "steakhouse with Chinese cuisine" They seriously need a different name, different place mats, different decor. If one restaurant was able to get a restaurant makeover I would submit Frontier Dining.

I ordered a small Wor Won ton. Now even though it the title has small in it, it's a meal:
Besides the typical won tons, you get pork, chicken, shrimp bokchoy, some noodle things and a whole lot of flavor. Heres a great idea: Get some hot sauce to go with it. It will blow your mind. I absolutely LOVE this wonton. I will admit I am not a connoisseur when it comes to won tons, but I know what I like and I like this.
The soup and a glass of pop was like $16.00 which isn't on the cheap end of lunch but I mean you go get a sandwich somewhere else it'll cost you like 10 bucks. This soup really hits the spot on a cold day. I cannot recommend it enough.

The service was good, they don't seem to be pushy but they also never come by to check if everything's okay with the food or if you need another drink. Which could be a good thing seeing how so it's not free refills on the pop.

So while the decor is to be desired, the name of the place should be changed, and the service while adequate could be more conscientious of the patrons, the wor won ton soup is worth it all.

Sidenote: Frontier Dining was one of the very last restaurants to give into the no smoking policy. Want to know other ones? OJ's and Dairy Queen. Yeah, Dairy Queen.

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