Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November 09 2011 - Alexander's

With news that there was an accident on the NB bridge after I got off work I decided it'd be best to hit up my friend Sean to see if he wanted to meet downtown for supper and to wait out the traffic. Not only was he game but he even offered to pay. What a guy! He suggested Alexander's and I decided that since he was paying he should have the say.

Now if you've never been to Alexander's let me give you a heads up as to the location of the pub. It's at the Merrit hotel kitty corner from Keyano College. The parking isn't that great, but honestly, it's Fort McMurray, tell me where there's great parking. Please. The decor seems to be a toss up between a sports bar (various tv's hanging everywhere) and a lounge, low lighting, an area for open mic night. I honestly think the idea behind Alexander's is trying to get anybody in, doesn't matter what kind of crowd, as long as they come in.

Our waitress was great, we got our beer and we ordered soup for starters. I must say, the Clam Chowder was pretty great. I don't have a whole lot to compare it too because I've never tried it before but I really did enjoy this bowl of chowder. I ordered the blackened chicken melt as my meal and it seemed like it was an attempt at chicken in a grilled cheese situation. The toast was soggy from the butter and it wasn't appealing to eat. The flavors were fine, you can't screw up chicken and melted cheese too badly. I just think that the sandwich presented to me could have been executed in a better fashion. No one likes soggy toast, unless you're putting it in tea.

Also worth noting, we had no silverwear and when our food was brought to us the guy asked, "Oh is there something wrong?" and I said, "Could I get silverware please?" His response as he went to go get me my silverware: "Silverware, now that's a novel idea" What do I do to respond to this?

To sum it up, Alexander's wasn't horrible, it wasn't great. Service was good to great, food was poor to great. Would I recommend it? Not really. Would I ever go back? Yeah I would there are only so many options in town and there are certainly worse places out there.

Side note: I'm trying to figure out how to add my sarcasm, humor, and attitude into a blog. It'll get better. I promise.

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