Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wok Box - November 23rd and delivery from Boston Pizza Timberlea

Today for lunch I went down to the Wok Box. In case you're not aware of the location it is down in the business corner like across the street from Keyano. It's also right beside Adult Source Video (where I worked for a couple of days a long long time ago). When I walked in I saw a poster they have pushing some new food to try. The poster was colorful, and eye catching so I decided to try the Firecracker Stirfry.
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I have to tell you, I've had okay food from Wok Box (butter chicken), I've had great food at Wok Box (mongolian beef) and now I can say I've had horrible food (firecracker stirfry).
The sauce is very spicy, hence the term firecracker and it's something I did enjoy out of it. It has pieces of bacon (poorly cooked and not really appealing) and chinese sausage (quite tasteless). The issue I have with this meal was the green stuff in it. I don't know if that's kim chee. Is it? If that's not Kim Chee then  I am going to classify as seaweed (it tasted salt watery and disgusting). There was something else in my meal that Sean said was Kim Chee and it was cold and horrible to have in a mouthful of hot spicy noodles.

I ate less than half my meal and when we were driving up to work we went to the McDonald's drive through and I had a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon and nothing else on it and I want to tell you I don't know if it was because of my previous poor food choice but that hamburger was simply amazing. AMAZING!

I am on the fence with the wok box. I appreciate what they are trying to do with their menu, it's broad in it's options which can be a good thing but I've found it more often than not missing the ideal mark. If the food you are looking for is authentic then you came to the wrong place. If you want something that's a knock off, then this is up your ally. If you've only experienced butter chicken from wok box you honestly have no idea how amazing it is and what you really are missing.

Now tonight we ordered Boston Pizza for supper.
I'm not going to get into what the food tasted like (it was okay, never amazing, but serviceable). What I want to talk about is how they have a hard time getting the order right. After Megan read back the order to me and I confirmed it with her she still punched it in as 1 chicken fingers when 2 orders was placed, also I ordered a salad to go with my hamburger and it came with just the burger. No fries, salad, no note telling me to go fuck myself. NOTHING. Also, the delivery was about an hour. I've had worst times but it seems the bare minimum for delivery is an hour.

Unfortunately when it comes to delivery there aren't as many options as there is to eat out. I didn't want to dedicate a full blog to delivery food but I mean it's not always bad to get food delivered. While waiting I watched hockey, ran on the treadmill, and talked about sports and music with my good friend Steve. 

If you want to try the Wok Box, I'm not saying don't try it, just please avoid the Firecracker Stirfry and the butter chicken and if you're doing the delivery route with Boston Pizza read back the order, ensure it's right and be prepared to be waiting for at least an hour.

Side note: The location that is the Wok Box used to be 2 different bars, one of which hosted open mic nights about 10 years ago. Does anyone remember the names of those bars? 


  1. I think you just got a bad experiance with BPs timberlea. I order from there about twice a month sometimes more depending on who Im with and since they've opened I have only waited an hour twice. Delivery for me usually takes about half an hour to 45 minutes. Also I've never had them screw up my delivery order. Dont bitch about them screwing up the first time, give them a little credit and try again.

  2. Kelly, for a restaurant delivering food, they shouldn't screw up at all. They are providing a service that I still tipped for. If I ask for something and it's wrong and I would like what I ordered I will be waiting an extra hour to an hour and a half for that fixed order. How is that justifiable to you? With that being said, we order from BP's on a religious basis. We have had delivery times anywhere between 45 minutes (rarely) to 2 hours. Most frequently it's in the 1 hour range.

  3. I'm with you on this one, YMM - BP's is definitely one of the biggest 'hit or miss' restaurants in this city. We also order from there often, but there's about a 70% chance that your order will be delivered correctly, the quality is extremely inconsistant, and the wait times are an average of about 1-2 hours. We actually had our delivery driver tell us one time that he had six other orders in his vehicle, and needless to say, our food was cold - not even luke-warm. STONE COLD. But...we still order from there, because when it's good, it's REALLY good. They really are one of the more expensive places in town, and for what we pay for their items, a little consistancy isn't really asking for much, is it?