Thursday, 24 November 2011

Table 63 - November 24

For lunch today I went to Table 63 which is located at the Quality Hotel. Now I've been in Fort McMurray for a while now and I've been to this restaurant when it was a different name, and when it was a changed name. It always looked the same, but had the same poor food. I was hoping to see some sort of improvement and I was blown away. They have transformed the restaurant with a whole new renovation. It looks classy, it's open, sophisticated and a real attempt to bring some class to the hotel. I must say that an issue I had when I first went is I wasn't sure if I was to wait to be seated or to just seat myself. What I did after waiting at the front was I stood at a table until she said I could sit there.

They have a lunch buffet on I think every week day but I decided against it. I would also like to mention that the buffet they do have there is much smaller than the saw ridge's but I cannot tell you what was served or how it tasted. What I can tell you is they removed the bathrooms and opened up that area and the whole restaurant looks amazing.

I decided for something simple. Clubhouse on whole wheat with a poutine.
The fries are dipped in beer batter and are absolutely amazing. The clubhouse has to be one of the best I've ever had in my lifetime of clubhouses. I cannot explain to you in every precise detail how much I loved this sandwich fry combination. I was in food heaven. I've had clubhouses that have been horrible and fries that you need to drown in ketchup to get through but this here, this was enjoyable from the beginning to the end. My bill was over 20 dollars. I know that the sandwich with fries was supposed to be about 13 dollars but I think they charged me for a poutine and then a pop which seems kinda odd.. it should have been an extra dollar or two at the most on the sandwich but it wasn't.

It was still worth it though. This is the first meal I've had since I started this blog that I can sit here and fully say I loved it. I loved the restaurant, the food, the atmosphere, everything.  Go check out Table 63, try the fries and eat the clubhouse, I promise you that you'll love it. If you don't you're no friend of mine mister.

Side note: I used to work at the Quality when it was called the Mackenzie Park Inn. I was a front desk supervisor and I was totally awesome. 

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