Friday, 11 November 2011

Moxies - November 10th

I got off of work and it was decided my friends and I wanted to go out, have a meal, and get drunk.
This is what we did.
The place that we went to was Moxies. In case you haven't gone down to Moxies since they have done their renovations I recommend you do. The atmosphere in the lounge area is great, the lighting is great, the seating makes sense, it just works.
Our server was Jasmine, and she was super nice, pretty quick with our drinks and just someone who looked after us fairly well.
David went with his usual chicken tenders and beef vindaloo, Al went with chicken fingers and fries, Bill did fish and chips, Spank had the beef dip, and Rojo had dry ribs. Now before I get into my meal I just want to say that spank gave his beef dip a 4 spanks out of 10. And Rojo said that the dry ribs while had a lot of meat on them weren't salted enough for him.
Moxies has a holiday feature menu that ends in late December so I decided to try a starter from that. I got the Lettuce Wraps:
As Spank pointed out, it looked like I was given a head of lettuce. Now I've never had a lettuce wrap before but I was really looking forward to trying something new. The chicken and noodles were spicy and had a lot of flavour which was great to see. The only issue I have with this starter is that it's extremely messy. I ended up having the sauce spill out of my wrap, over my hands and the table. I know, classy right? I asked for some moist towelettes and Jasmine was great and hooked me up with 4! 

For my starter I went with something I normally wouldn't order. I got the Citrus Chicken Salad:

the salad had a lot of flavour to it, but it could have used more avocado. The avocado that was in the salad was extremely mushy and it didn't look too appealing. So to sum up the avocado situation: I wanted more but it was mushy and unappealing. The greens seemed fresh, I didn't see any bad pieces that I seem to have a tendency of finding, and the tomato was a nice touch. I did have a problem with the chicken though. It lacked flavour. They nailed it with the chicken in the lettuce wraps and then came up short with the salad.

Would I recommend Moxies? Absolutely. Great renovation makes it feel more updated, casual, and an excellent atmosphere. Mix that in with good service and why wouldn't you want to come here? Would I recommend the food I had? I recommend the lettuce wraps, I do not recommend the salad. I've had great food from Moxies in the past but while doing this blog I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and try new food and perhaps come across something great (lettuce wraps). To find something new and exciting it is certainly worth trying something different.

A note about Moxies: They are one of the few restaurants that do not post their food content (calories, sodium, etc) If you search around on the internet there are people who have tried to get nutritional information about their food and they refused to do it. This is one of the reasons why I try to stay clear of Moxies, it's great food but sometimes I like to know what I'm eating.

Be well, and eat even better.

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